About Us:

NorthStar Solutions has been providing multi-channel BPO services since 2006. Our service delivery center in the Ortigas Business District in Metro Manila, Philippines is a high-end, security enabled facility that supports clients from North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region.

We combine highly qualified personnel, customized solutions, industry best practices and advancements in technology to provide secure and reliable solutions at significantly reduced costs compared to on-shore or in-house operations.

Why the Philippines? 

Well educated pool of talents 

  • The nation produces nearly 500,000 graduates per year across a range of disciplines that align well with the offshoring and outsourcing industry (Source: Business Processing Association of the Philippines)
  • Philippines has the highest literacy rate in South East Asia at 95%

Above average English proficiency 

  • English is one of the country’s two official languages
  • Language of instruction at every level of the education system is English

Effective cross-culture communication skills and considered to be the most “Western” of all the Asian nations 

  • Culturally oriented towards the United States
  • Result of over a century of American presence in the Philippines

Strong customer service orientation 

  • Filipinos generally have a positive disposition to interactions; nonconfrontational approach to diverse customer scenarios
  • Culturally customer-centric

Why NorthStar? 

  •  Personalized Service for you – NorthStar provides you a direct access to the management team. Decisions can be made right after a direct call or email to our management team. This gives you a faster turn-around on your needs, requests, problems or issues. Our executives are hands on and will service you directly.
  • Total Customization – We understand that your organization is unique. Your clients’ requirements may be highly individualized. You may have many differing support agreements. Your triage, patches, fixes and escalations need to be handled to fit your strategy and your customers’ requirements. We will do this for you. We are flexible and our practices are highly customizable.
  • Business Stability – The idea of cutting costs by going with a start-up outsourcer or the cheapest vendor can lead to tragedy. NorthStar has many years’ experience, significant bench strength, and a solid track record with many repeat clients.
  • It’s All about People – In addition to systems and knowledge bases, it takes special people to provide superior outsourced technology product customer support. We are staffed with customer satisfaction-focused personalities. We don’t get rid of callers by escalating everything. Our agents deal with customers from beginning to end, satisfactorily. We also have access to enough senior consultants who are ready to tackle the more challenging concerns.
  • Supporting the Product Lifecycle – Providing highest quality customer care is a challenge for any business. We are experts in delivering profitable solutions through:

− Increased customer satisfaction and customer retention

− Lowered costs of total lifecycle support

− Improved product enhancements & responsiveness to the market place

− Improved communications between all key elements of the service cycle

Mission & Vision

Mission. Our mission is to deliver world-class BPO services that focus on the customer’s experience at each encounter that ultimately builds value for our clients.
Vision. Our vision is to be a recognized leader in the offshore BPO industry. We will continue to innovate and provide consistent, high-quality service, thereby creating sustainable business value for our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social awareness has always been an integral part of our daily business practice. Since 2006 NorthStar was founded on the core values of respect and concern for people. These values form the base upon which we build our social awareness programs. From our employees to the communities that we serve…people come first.